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page updated May 16, 2019

 Headline News

New video from Learning Sites uploaded, showing an updated view of the Southwest Palace of King Sennacherib (c.700 BCE) at Nineveh (modern Mosul, Iraq).

Donald H. Sanders, president of Learning Sites, led a series of student tutorials and semi-public virtual reality demos for Prof. James Janowski's philosophy of aesthetics course at Hampden-Sydney College April 22nd and 23rd, 2019. The discussions focused around the nature of genuineness, what is reality, and how close can VR come to truly simulating or inducing a near first-person experience.

Cancelled due to illness. Donald H. Sanders, president of Learning Sites, will be giving a series of (public and student-only) talks at Texas A&M University on April 9th and 10th, 2019 (see notes on the TAMU Center for Heritage Conservation Website and their Facebook page).

Learning Sites is re-imagining the Northwest Palace at Nimrud, especially the decorative designs of the walls and the widespread use of brilliant colors, which completely changes the way we understand Assyrian buildings.

Learning Sites has begun a new project to reconstruct the Iron Age (c.700 BCE) sanctuary and surrounding settlement at Tell Damiyah, Jordan.

Learning Sites has been selected by Global Business Insight as the "Best in Educational Software Development Services 2019" for the entire United States!

Learning Sites has signed contracts for new projects with the Michael C. Carlos Museum (Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia) for an animated flyover and flythrough of the Southwest Palace of the Assyrian king Sennacherib (c.700 BCE); and with the Virginia Theological Seminary (Alexandria, Virginia) for an animated flyover and flythrough of the 9th c. BCE Northwest Palace of King Ashur-nasir-pal II to highlight the context of a relief in their collection.

The Arch of Titus spoils panel project and Neathawk Designs, who carved the replica of the spoils panel, have been featured online on July 23, 2018, in a case study by Aspire software that is used in the CNC carving machine. The project will also be the topic of Neathawk Designs' presentation in October at the Vectris annual User Group Meeting.

The Getty is blogging about the Gurob ship model project and our sister organization, the Institute for the Visualization of History's 3D digital reconstructions. This story has also been picked up by the online Explorator compendium (for July 22, 2018).

Learning Sites recently provided visualizations to the British Museum, London (for their upcoming exhibition on the Assyrian king Ashurbanipal and his library and palaces at Nineveh), and the Oriental Institute, Chicago (for gallery renovations focusing on their ancient Near East collection).

Learning Sites continues to receive international recognition for its visualization expertise, long-standing leadership in virtual heritage, and innovative project development. Corporte LiveWire has named Learning Sites "3D Model Developer of the Year" for 2018 in their Innovation and Excellence award category; and US Business News has named Learning Sites "Best 3D Archaeological Visualizations Company for 2018" in their North American Excellence awards category ! What can we visualize for you ?

Learning Sites' rendering of an Assyrian queen has been chosen to grace January's issue of the prestigious journal, American Journal of Archaeology. There is also a full article in the issue about the queen, including additional images of our first-ever depiction of a fully clothed and bejeweled Assyrian queen. Soon, the queen will find her rightful place inside our virtual recreations of Assyrian palaces.

Learning Sites is once again recognized as an industry leader and awarded the Corporate LiveWire "3D Model Developer of the Year for 2018 - USA" in their Innovation & Excellence award category.

Learning Sites president, Donald H. Sanders, awarded the international Tartessos Prize for lifetime achievement in virtual archaeology.

Learning Sites work on the NSF-funded SBIR Phase II CUNATTM cuneiform translator app progresses.

Learning Sites has begun a new 5-year project to model all of Jebel Barkal, Sudan.

Learning Sites images (animations, renderings, QTVRs, and virtual worlds are now available for purchase for teaching, research, presentation, and other noncommercial uses at the Institute for the Visualization of History Website.


 Nineveh, Assyria (modern Iraq)

updated June 5, 2019

Nergal Gate, NinevehNineveh, ancient Assyria (modern Iraq) newly added North Palace history and digtial reconstruction.

 Olynthus, Greece

added April 26, 2019

House A vii 4, OlynthusOlynthus, Greece; a new Hellenistic house reconstruction added House A vii 4).

 Damiyah, Jordan

added April 18, 2019

Iron Age Damiyah reconstructionDamiyah, Jordan; a new project to reconstruct the Iron Age settlement.

 Northwest Palace, Nimrud, Assyria

updated May 16, 2019

Throne Room reconstructionNorthwest Palace Web pages updated with new high-resolution renders of our completely new colorization effort across the major rooms of the palace and new video flythrough of these spaces.

 Jebel Barkal, ancient Nubia (Sudan)

revised November 14, 2018

Central Building facadeJebel Barkal Web pages updated with new images from our evolving and ever-expanding all-digital excavation report, research resource, and virtual reality re-creation of this religious center; Temple B 500, the Great Amun Temple and Pavillion B600, added. Interactive WebGL virtual reality models coming soon.

 Gurob, Egypt

added July 10, 2018

Gurob ship modelGurob, Egypt; digital reconstruction of a small ship model found in a 19th-20th Dynasty tomb that provides clues to the Sea Peoples and beyond. New VR interactives added. See also the Getty blog on this project.

 Khamsa of Nizami

added February 26, 2018

Timurid manuscript pageKhamsa of Nizami -- Medieval, 12th c., Persian 2D manuscript converted into an interactive 3D virtual world with embedded hotspots.

 Learning Sites Bibliography

updated March 28, 2018

  • Bibliography of and about Learning Sites methods, projects, and goals.
      • Reade & Sanders article about the palace of Tiglathpileser III at Nimrud
      • Fine, Schertz & Sanders article about the colorization of the Spoils Panel, Arch of Titus, Rome
      • Townes article about Learning Sites and Tartessos Prize awarded to Donald H. Sanders, President
      • Sanders article on new technologies and caveats in virtual heritage
      • Sanders article on the benefits of virtual heritage with new examples and new technologies
      • Sanders article on the history of virtual heritage and the advantages of its methods
      • Jacobson & Sanders article on digital puppeteering and VR
      • Etherington article on 3D printing
      • Sanders article on the benefits of using virtual reality to study ancient objects

  •  Arch of Titus

    updated November 13, 2017

    spoils panelArch of Titus -- full-scale CNC-carved replica, digital colorization, and restoration of the spoils panel, 1st c. CE (links to an online video showing the making of the replica and article by ShopBot, added).

     Athlit Ram

    added March 16, 2017

    bronze ramming prowAthlit Ram -- ancient Roman bronze ramming prow; largest and most complete example known to survive, from the 2nd c. BCE.

     Ancient Jerusalem

    added March 3, 2017

    Iron Age house, Area G, JerusalemAncient Jerusalem -- several 3D models of key features throughout the city's history, including an Iron Age house, a Roman house, and the Ottoman gates.

     Assyrian Queen

    added February 22, 2017

    model of an Assyrian QueenAn Assyrian Queen -- for too long no woman has been represented in royal Neo-Assyrian scenes; new research enables us to create a 3D model of a queen for insertion into our virtual worlds.

     Mycenae, Greece

    added January 31, 2017

    Artisans' Workshops, MycenaeMycenae, Greece; digital reconstruction of the Artisans' Workshops (c.14th-13th centuries BCE) atop the citadel.

    Old Babylonian urban centerMashkan-shapir, Iraq; digital reconstruction of an Old Babylonian (c.1840ish BCE) urban center with canals, ziggurat, and residential and manufacturing sectors.

     Learning Sites Website

    updated January 21, 2017 -- A "History of Virtual Heritage" added to The Company menu above, chronicling how the discipline got to today, from the very earliest roots of interactive simulations.

    updated January 2, 2017 -- The entire Learning Sites Website has been completely overhauled, with new content, new virtual worlds, and new navigation. Enjoy (and let us know how we're doing) !

     Al Meragh, Sudan

    updated May 3, 2016

    Al Meragh, AM600 double houseAl Meragh Web pages updated with new images from our digital re-creation of this previously unknown Meroitic site.

     Funerary Chapel of Ka(i)pura, Saqqara (Egypt)

    updated February 5, 2016

    Funerary Chapel of Ka(i)pura, False Door detailKa(i)pura Web pages revised and updated, with new images from our audiovisual museum presentation (one of our first projects back in 1997-98).

     Central Palace area, Nimrud, Assyria

    updated April 14, 2015

    Central Building facadeCentral Palace Web pages updated with new renderings from our evolving and ever-expanding all-digital excavation report of the Polish Center for Mediterranean Archaeology's expedition to the site (1974-1976). The here-to-fore unpublished data include each of the major building phases of the site, the sculpture, and new descriptions and analyses.

     Nemrud Dagi, Turkey

    updated October 27, 2014

    digital model of the East Terrace colossal Apollo, Nemrud DagiNemrud Dagi Web pages updated with images from our digital re-creation of this Hellenistic sanctuary (prepared for on-site visitor information signage).

     Nuzi, Iraq

    added February 14, 2013

    Nuzi lion photomodel and 3D printedNuzi lion sculpture photomodeling and 3D printing/CNC carving project completed in collaboration with the Semitic Museum, Harvard.

     Seyitomer, Kütahya, Turkey

    updated August 14, 2012

    digital model of the Acropolis, Athens, aerial viewSeyitomer Web pages updated with photo-to-VR experiments and results.

     Vari House, Greece

    added and updated March 20, 2012

    Vari House Web pages updated with new renderings from our reworking of this pioneering virtual world and new game engine experiments; explore the Vari house in virtual reality using the Unity game engine (bees buzz, doors creak, farmers tend to their chores, and much more).

     Buhen, Egypt

    added February 11, 2011

    Buhen fortress reconstructionEarly Work, focusing on the Fortress of Buhen has a new rendering.

     Acropolis, Athens, Greece

    updated January 6, 2010

    digital model of the Acropolis, Athens, aerial viewThe Acropolis Web pages updated with a video and new renderings from our virtual reconstruction.

     Til Barsib, Syria

    updated December 21, 2007

    Til Barsib Web pages updated with sample images from our 3D computer model of the Palace, Lion Gate, and surrounding topography from published and newly excavated unpublished data about the Assyrian phase of occupation at the provincial settlement site (Lion Gate added; more palace images and QTVR panoramas added; and material based on the temple at Tel Halaf temple added).

     Paliké, Sicily

    updated December 27, 2007

    hestiaterion, PalikéPaliké Web pages updated with sample images from our virtual reality re-creation of the hestiaterion (dining facility) from the site.


    added September 20, 2004

    Off to excavateBe an Archaeologist; Excavate a Site in Ancient Nubia -- play our Excavation Simulation Game; a game intended for middle school kids (but fun for budding excavators of all ages); learn about the decisions that archaeologists must make each time they purchase equipment, hire specialists, and excavate a site within a certain limited time and budget. What will you uncover?

     Nemea Valley Archaeological Project, Greece

    added May 2, 2000

    West Building, Tsoungiza - reconstructionThe Nemea Valley Archaeological Project multimedia excavation report's preliminary pages have been revised and expanded with: new reconstructions of the West Building (LH I megaron; 3D artifacts added; and a new reconstruction of House E (EH III dwelling)