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Learning Sites FAQs

For museums

page updated December 27, 2019

 Can your products increase our visitorship?


Museum visitorship will increase by providing museum-goers with unique, educational, and visually stunning display and exhibit supplements. LEARNING SITES products and services do all that and more. Our work is produced at the highest quality of accuracy, at the highest resolution, and to the highest level of scholarship.

Our products can increase sales in your shop. Our interactive content, created specifically for your collection allows visitors to bring a bit of the museum home for additional enjoyment. Such interactive and educational offerings also serve to increase the desire to visit the museum and view the objects in person, increase the public's appreciation of your collection, enhance your stature in the museum community, and demonstrate your commitment to high-quality public outreach.

 What products and services can you offer us?

For curators, educators, preparators, and sales staff, LEARNING SITES designs and develops products and offers services that can assist you in your work. Some of these are itemized here on our Website, others are custom-built based on in-depth discussions between you and our experienced staff of experts. Our detailed models of objects and their varied file formats also offer you the opportunity to 3D print replicas for sale (or sell the files for schools and inquisitive visitors to create their own replicas). We look forward to reviewing your short- and long-term goals for public education, collections development, exhibit design, and shop sales. Should you have upcoming exhibitions or are sending parts of your collection on loan, our visualizations enhance the visitor's experience of these objects.

In, addition, if you have objects needing long-term care, or objects for which insurance companies require images, why not make use of 3D models or interactive virtual worlds for these purposes? Offer insurance companies near firsthand surrogates of your objects. LEARNING SITES high-resolution 3D images provide detailed records that help guard against forgery and theft.

 Do you do only VR?


LEARNING SITES is the award-winning expert in many visualization formats, including high-resolution 2D renderings, multimedia presentations, and computer-generated flyovers of entire sites. We also offer raster-to-vector conversion, high-resolution flat-bed scanning, digital photography assistance, photomodeling, and a host of other services. Virtual ancient worlds are but one solution we offer.

All our work is custom-designed to suit your short- and long-term goals. Let us know what you have in mind.