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pages updated December 13, 2016

 Peter Herdrich

Peter Herdrich is the Chief Executive Officer of the Cultural Capital Group, LLC. Cultural Capital harnesses the unparalleled capacity of business, culture, and communication to create positive outcomes for corporate, not-for-profit, education and government clients. It creates and implements comprehensive strategies and content. Expertise comes from Peter s practice as a leader in media companies and in cultural and educational organizations. There is no one else in the world who can say he has produced syndicated news shows, run a learned society, succeeded as a CEO, and co-founded an international NGO combatting cultural racketeering.

Peter has three decades of success building on his experience across the editorial and management sides of media and his leadership in cultural heritage initiatives around the world. He is the Co-founder of The Antiquities Coalition, which works at the forefront of the battle against the looting and sale on illicit markets of cultural heritage material by organized criminal gangs and terrorists, where he focuses on communications strategy and fundraising. He is also a founding partner of the Heritas Group, a global strategic advisory team working with governments, businesses, and social enterprises. And he currently works on business development in the green technology and energy sectors.

For eight years, Peter served at the Archaeological Institute of America, the world s largest archaeological organization and the learned society for the academic discipline, first as a Board member and then as Chief Executive Officer. He was also Publisher of the AIA s bimonthly periodical, Archaeology, the leading magazine in the field. Earlier he worked at The Paley Center for Media in New York City as Director of Industry Programs.

Peter has enjoyed long success in commercial broadcast television. As Senior Producer of CBS Television Distribution s  Inside Edition, and at ABC News, Peter won national journalism awards as a producer. He also produced and wrote for CBS, Fox, Disney, USA, and NBC. As an active presenter on cultural heritage subjects, Peter is frequently sought as an expert by media outlets around the world, including ABC, Al Jazeera, the Huffington Post and NBC.

 Donald H. Sanders

Dr. Donald H. Sanders, president of Learning Sites, is trained and educated as an architect, architectural historian, and archaeologist. He helped pioneer the discipline of virtual heritage in the early 1990s and continues to innovate in the field. His special interest is the application of nontraditional methods (including advanced computer graphics, virtual reality, and behavioral science techniques) to the study and visualization of the past, pushing the boundaries of conventional archaeological interpretation. Professional publications and conference papers have covered such topics as alternative approaches (including those from semiotics, environment-behavior studies, ethnoarchaeology, and human geography) to the study of architecture in archaeological contexts; and the use of interactive computer graphics for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of information about ancient material culture for research, education, publication, broadcast, and museum display. He founded Learning Sites Inc., in 1996, and the Institute for the Visualization of History Inc., in 2001, to actualize these innovations. He continues to be an invited keynote speaker at venues around the world; and publications by him or about his companies have appeared in journals, newspapers, books, and magazines in nearly a dozen countries.

 Neil Sieling

Neil Sieling is a seasoned media and digital arts producer and media architect with a background in independent media, public television arts producing and international documentary and arts programming. He has a track record as a curator, a production and acquisitions executive, and a fundraiser. Currently working for the award-winning premium production company Nutopia, he has worked in smart content for a variety of platforms for over 30 years, and played a crucial role launching revolutionary media organizations such as the Independent Television Service, Link TV, Open Network, DocAgora, The Link Tank, and How We Get To Next, a website based upon a PBS/BBC series that Sieling help produce and fund entitled How We Got to Now with Steven Johnson.

Current projects include helping establish a media archive for at-risk cultural artifacts around the world, especially in the Middle East, working with a wide spectrum of groups and individuals to gather and share digital media artifacts and enhance the cause of shared global cultural heritage. A prototype of The Digital Library of the Middle East (DLME) is planned for a launch by the end of 2017.