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Ancient Sagalassos, Turkey

by the K. U. Leuven Center for the Processing of Speech and Images

page updated December 22, 2016 -- archived pages only; the Initiative is no longer active

 Sagalassos - background

aerial view of the siteThe ruins of the city of Sagalassos lay on the southern flank of the Aglasun mountain ridge in southwestern Turkey (a part of the Taurus-mountains) at a height between 1400m and 1650m (aerial view of the site at the left; hover over to enlarge). A team from the University of Leuven (K.U.Leuven), Belgium, under the direction of Professor Marc Waelkens, has been excavating the whole area since 1990 and dug up some wonderful treasures. Our Web site uses Sagalassos as a showcase for 3D-modelling technology, developed by a team of engineers (Marc Pollefeys, Reinhard Koch, Maarten Vergauwen, and Marc Proesmans) working at E.S.A.T., the department of electrical engineering of the K.U.Leuven. A virtual reality model of the site reconstructed will be poste on the university Website.

the bathsThe bath at Sagalassos (hover over to enlarge).

the theaterThe theater at Sagalassos (hover over to enlarge).