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The Northwest Palace of Ashur-nasir-pal II at Nimrud

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page added April 17, 2019

 Room S Introduction

Northwest Palace planThis page contains preliminary renderings from the Learning Sites 3D computer model of Room S in the Northwest Palae. Room S was likely the king's private reception chamber of his residential suite, set in the southern section of the palace (see the plan at the left; hover over to enlarge). It is here where he probably entertained his inner circle. The room is decorated with sacred trees alternating with protective figures; except on the east wall, where the king flanked by courtiers is depicted. There may have been a portable throne set up here.

The images below are arranged chronologically, with the most recent ones first.

 Room S Renders

Rendering of Room S reconstructedS03 - Room S, view south. The king with members of his court and his queen approaching with her attendant. The gist of the scene comes from similar parties / meetings carved on reliefs at Khorsabad during Sargon's reign, and at Nineveh during Ashurbanipal's reign. The furniture is also attested in these and other reliefs.

Model version 13.

Rendering of Room reconstructedS02 - Room S, view southwest.

Model version 13.

Relief S-08 colorizedS01 - Room S, relief 08. This is a winged genius from Room S fully colorized as would all the figural reliefs in the room (note, we have not yet added colored figures to the 3D model; for further background about our recent colorization update of the palace, see our discussion of the Throne Room decoration).

Model version 13.