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The Northwest Palace of Ashur-nasir-pal II at Nimrud

An Interactive Publication Prototype -- Courtyard Y Renderings

page added December 9, 2019

 Courtyard Y Introduction

Northwest Palace planThis page contains preliminary renderings from the Learning Sites 3D computer model of Courtyard Y in the Northwest Palace. This inner courtyard was likely used for private circulation among the palace's inner suites that surround it and was not a public space (see the plan at the left; hover over to enlarge). It may also have been used for special outdoor private ceremonies and audiences, since there is evidence that temporary canopies and other coverings were present here (holes in the courtyard's paving tiles indicate the location of poles to support such shadings).

The images below are arranged chronologically, with the most recent ones first.

 Courtyard Y Renders -- model version 13

Rendering of Courtyard YY03 - Courtyard Y, view southeast. These types of canopied shades are attested in Assyrian reliefs. The positioning of the canopies in this rendering are based on postholes found in the paving bricks of this courtyard.

 Courtyard Y Renders -- model version 12

Rendering of Courtyard YY02 - Courtyard Y, view west, across the courtyard from Room G toward the private western suite of the palace.

Rendering of Courtyard YY02 - Courtyard Y, view southwest.

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