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Multimedia  Publication  --  House A Reconstructions

page updated Mar. 3, 1999
NB: These images have been developed for research purposes only; the information contained herein is in no way to be construed as an interim or final publication of the material.  Data and images are not to be copied, retransmitted, or altered in any way without specific written permission from Learning Sites, Inc. and the Director of the Tsoungiza Excavations.

The following rendered images are from LEARNING SITES 3D models of House A, Excavation Unit 5, Tsoungiza, Ancient Nemea.  The house has been dated by the archaeologist, Daniel J. Pullen, to Early Helladic II Developed, Phase 1 (for details of the layout and location of the house, see the plan).  These preliminary reconstructions were developed for comment purposes only; the reconstruction is still a work in progress, with refinements to the structural details, woodwork, and stonework yet to be done.

For older versions of model, showing the development of thinking on the house's form and architectural details, see the House A Archives.

Soon, you will be welcome to explore LEARNING SITES' virtual reality re-creation of House A.  However, before proceeding, please be sure that you have the appropriate hardware and software to view our VRML2.0-compliant virtual worlds.

Calibrate your monitor's colors.

K - House A, overhead view, with remnants of EH II walls (Walls 38, 39) remaining.

I - House A, front view, looking toward the northwest.

House A - first floor rear

H - Interior of the main room on the first floor, with central ceramic hearth (rim decoration applied).

House A, EU5, Tsoungiza, stair to second floor

L - Overhead view of the stair leading from the entry hall up to the second floor.

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