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Color  Calibration  Swatches

page updated Mar. 6, 1999
In a continuing effort to bring to our viewers the most accurate possible re-creations of the ancient world, we have created this page to help you match the colors you see on your screen with the colors we intended.  Our reconstructions are based on images that have been calibrated to match the actual scene or objects as closely as possible.

By setting your screen output so that the colors here read true, you can be assured of the optimal viewing of our reconstructions.  First, you will need to purchase Pantone or RGB/CYMK color cards from an art supply store or graphic arts catalogue so that you have an external standard against which to compare the color swatches below.  Find the same color tone in each and adjust your monitor so that the two match.

Computer systems have three basic ways of setting colors: (1) directly by using controls on the outside of your monitor; (2) directly through the use of color matching software (such as the Pantone Personal Color Calibrator); or (3) indirectly by adjusting contrast and brightness levels to approximate a match.

Our computer screens have been calibrated to match the Pantone and RGB/CYMK standard color spectra.

Pantone colors
RGB/CYMK colors

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