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Learning Sites president, Donald H. Sanders, has been invited as a panelist for the symposium "Preserving Cultural Heritage in an Uncertain Time" to be held on October 26, 2016, at the NYU Brademas Center, Washington DC.

Learning Sites awards keep coming!

Learning Sites president, Donald H. Sanders, awarded the international Tartessos Prize for lifetime achievement in virtual archaeology.

Learning Sites has been awarded an NSF SBIR Phase II TECP grant to extend its CUNATTM cuneiform translator to include Egyptian hieratic.

Article about Nimrud (Iraq) and the destruction by ISIS/Da'esh and our virtual heritage reconstructions.

Learning Sites work on the NSF-funded SBIR Phase II CUNATTM cuneiform translator app progresses.

Learning Sites has begun a new 5-year project to model all of Jebel Barkal, Sudan.

Learning Sites images (animations, renderings, QTVRs, and virtual worlds are now available for purchase for teaching, research, presentation, and other noncommercial uses at the Institute for the Visualization of History Website.