AM 600 Renderings 

page updated October 1, 2001
The building labeled AM600 seems to have been a double house, completely symmetrical in plan. Al Meragh, AM600 plan

Renderings from Learning Sites® 3D computer reconstruction
Al Meragh, AM600 aerial rendering
Aerial rendering (view northwest).
Al-Meragh, AM600, main room
Interior rendering of the main columnar space (602 / 612).
Al-Meragh, AM600 kitchen rendering
Interior view from the entry corridor into the 'kitchen' (608 / 618).
If you have a VRML viewer installed on your computer, you may walkthrough this house in real time, using our virtual reality model of the building (best viewed on a PC).   However, before you do, please be sure you have the proper hardware and software to view our virtual worlds.
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