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This page is the Index to our progress re-creating the recenlty discovered ancient Nubian town of Al-Meragh.  The previously unknown site was found by Timothy Kendall, PhD, who is continuing to uncover the many buildings remaining at the site, which seems to have been destroyed by a fire and never reoccupied.

The expedition is a joint mission of Northeastern University, Boston (Massachusetts), and the Sudan National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums (NCAM), with Dr. Kendall (Research Scientist, Dept. of African-American Studies, Northeastern Univ.) as director. 

  • Site Description
  • AM 600 - a Meroitic double house (renderings and virtual world pages added September 29, 2001)

NB:  These pages are in no way to be construed as a final or complete publication of the material.   The results presented here are preliminary and for reserach and comment only.  For further information about these pages, please contact Learning Sites.

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