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page updated Mar. 2, 1999
Project Director and Middle Helladic through Late Helladic II settlement studies
James C. Wright, Bryn Mawr College
Museum Director and Late Helladic III settlement and ceramic analysis
Mary K. Dabney, Bryn Mawr College
Director of ceramic analyses and Middle Helladic through Late Helladic II ceramic analysis
Jeremy B. Rutter, Dartmouth College
Early Bronze Age settlement and ceramic analysis
Daniel J. Pullen, Florida State University
Neolithic ceramic analysis
Anne Kugler
Late Helladic III ceramic analysis
Patrick M. Thomas, University of Illinois at Evansville
Greek Archaeological Service excavations
Konstantina Kaza-Papageorgiou, 2nd Ephoreia of Prehistoric & Classical Antiquities
Palaeozoological analysis
Paul Halstead, Sheffield University
Palaeobotanical analysis
Julie Hansen, Boston University
Geological and geomorphological studies
Anne Demitrack, Kevin O. Pope
Lithic analysis (chipped stone)
Anna Karabatsoli, University of Paris at Nanterre; Janice Cross Polonsky, University of Pennsylvania; Robin Torrence, Australian Museum
Lithic analysis (ground stone)
Kathleen A. Krattenmaker, American School of Classical Studies Publications; Curtis N. Runnels, Boston University
Building material and technique studies
Rebecca Mersereau, Rice University
Walter Payne, Nancy K. Cooper, Guy Sanders, American School of Classical Studies
Helen I. Alten; Julie Baker;Tamsen M. Fuller; John A. Maseman, South Florida Conservation Center; Alexandra V. Trone, University of London
Taylor Dabney
Julia E. Pfaff, Lyla Pinch Brock, Julie E. Perlmutter, Rosemary Robertson, Sally H. Rutter, Aida Vuk, Jeanne M. Warzeski
Excavation Unit supervisors
Mary K. Dabney, Bryn Mawr College; Keith Dickey; Kevin T. Glowacki, Indiana University; P. Nick Kardulias, Ohio State University; Kathleen A. Krattenmaker, American School of Classical Studies at Athens Publications; Anastasia A. Lambropoulou; Elliott Lax; Nancy W. Leinwand, American Research Institute in Turkey; Marina J. Markantonatos; John R. Marszal, McGill University; Rebecca Mersereau, Rice University; Susan L. Petrakis, Bilkent University; Daniel Pullen, Florida State University; Jennifer L. Tobin, Arizona State University; Michael K. Toumazou, Davidson College
Excavation Unit assistant supervisors
Aileen E. Ajootian, University of Mississippi; Anna L. Burchard; Judith Freda, University of Delaware; Maria A. Georgopoulou; Eleni Gerondakou; Sophia C. Goodman; Artemis Hionides; Nicolle E. Hirschfeld, University of Texas at Austin; Salima Ikram, American University in Cairo; Lori S. Iliff, M. C. Carlos Museum at Emory University; Alexandra Kalogirou, Wayne State University; Nancy L. Klein, Indiana University; Yvonne Lindau; Aphrodite Papadopoulos; Virginia M. Parks, United States Department of the Interior, Fish, Game, and Wildlife Service; David Pearlman; Allyson H. Shepard; Jordan Sussman; Wendy Barnett Thomas; Natalia Vogeikoff, American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Museum assistants
Aileen E. Ajootian, University of Mississippi; Wendy Barnett Thomas;Bethany Walker 

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