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Multimedia  Publication  --  West Building Reconstruction

page added May 3, 2000

Reconstructions of the Late Helladic I Period of Excavation Unit 7 (EU7)

Substantial remains of two buildings, each with detectable phases of expansion or reconfiguration were excavated in this trench on the lower, and southern flank of the hill of Tsoungiza, Ancient Nemea (see the plans for orientation).  The following reconstructions are based on surviving foundations, ceiling beam remnants, floors, and hearths from the structure labeled the West Building.

These are preliminary reconstructions only, some details still need to be rectified and refined.  As soon as the pollen analyses from the site have been completed, more accurate vegetation will be added.

West Building, rear, EU7 B -- West Building, rear 3/4 view, looking east
West Building, front, EU7 A -- West Building, front 3/4 view, looking north

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