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Multimedia  Publication  --  House E Reconstruction

page updated Mar. 3, 1999

Reconstructions of the Early Helladic III Period of Excavation Unit 5 (EU5)

Meager remains of a village-like collection of walls (perhaps better appreciated in plan) were excavated by James P. Harland near the top of the hill of Tsoungiza, Ancient Nemea, in the 1920s, of which only remnants survived to the new NVAP work of the 1980s.  The following reconstruction is based on Harland's notes, sketches, and measurements, and on portions of the earlier excavations that are still preserved (specifically relating to Harland's House E, the small apsidal building fully reconstructed below).

This is a preliminary reconstruction only, many details still need to be rectified and refined.

House E, EU 5

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