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How to Use Viewpoints


The following sections describe how to use the tools provided by the Cosmo PlayerTM VRML viewer. 

Unless otherwise specified: "click" means press the left mouse button and release it; "downclick" means press the left mouse button and keep holding it down; and "double click" means press-release, press-release the left mouse button in rapid succession.

The 3D models appear in a browser window with two or three frames.  The upper frames contain the 3D model (or models) and the lower frame contains descriptive text.

Navigation Tips in the Virtual World

To scroll the text in the text frame, click in the text frame and use the arrow keys, or use the mouse to scroll the slider on the side of the window.

To navigate in a 3D model frame, please consult the Cosmo PlayerVRML viewer Help files, by clicking on the '?'  icon in the lower right corner of the navigation dashboard. These files will explain the meaning of the new dashboard controls.  You then may either:

  • Use a mouse with the Cosmo Player dashboard controls, or
  • Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move.  To use the keyboard arrows, first click on the Cosmo Player navigation tool, then click anywhere in the virtual world, and then use the arrow keys to move.

Predefined Viewpoints in the Virtual World

We have defined specific locations in the models that are interesting.  To go directly to one of these locations, click the Viewpoint bar on the LEFT side of the navigation dashboard.  This will bring up a list of viewpoints. Click on the viewpoint to which you would like to travel.

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