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The Vari House

Virtual Reality-based Publication

page updated December 27, 2016
These pages will provide information serving as a preliminary digital publication of some material concerning the Vari House, Attica, Greece (4th c. BCE). These pages are also a follow-up to the pioneering original Vari House virtual reality model and Ancient Greece: town & country interactive VR-based educational package that we produced nearly 15 years ago (and that is long overdue for a tune up; those older pages have been taken down while we prepare the new material).

See below for an exciting new interactive virtual reality version of the model, using the Unity game engine !

Some teasers while we prepare the rest of the package

(click on each to enlarge)

NEW: Explore the Vari house in real time using the Unity game engine (prepared with the assistance and expertise of PublicVR, Boston, MA); this exciting new version of our model includes such features as: buzzing bees, wafting smoke, creaking doors, ambient music, clickable objects, and a farmer tending his beehives.
Some of the renderings from this project are now available for purchase and use in noncommercial educational contexts at the Institute for the Visualization of History Website (

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