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Bologna  --  The 4 Dimensional City

by the Supercomputing Group, CINECA

NUME stands for New Electronic Museum of Bologna town history, is a case study for the creation of a City Museum, a new approach based on interactive technologies as hypermedia and telecommunications.
workspace model 
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Aim of the project is the implementation of an environment which allows to follow through time the historical evolution of a city starting from 1000 AD to nowadays by means of the most advanced technologies of virtual reality. In the electronic museum the historians will work in a virtual environment in order to study the town evolution in the past centuries, the city management will have an important tool for planning the future town and the citizens will enjoy a cultural meeting point where the real experience of the visit to the museum can be joint to a more complete knowledge in virtual reality about the historical evolution of Bologna downtown.
13th-century view of Bologna 
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20th-century view of Bologna 
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The idea of the virtual museum for Bologna is implemented by using advanced tools of technological innovation, preserving both the historic contents and high tech features; it represents a virtual place where these two categories really find a synthesis, so that the town community will discover and regain its own identity.
The Chapel, Bologna 
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Medieval minature
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