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Fair use of our work:

Can I integrate your graphics into my publication, software, or web site?

As long as our copyrightis maintained and the purposes are for educationa, resarch, promoation, or demostarationi purposes, you are free to use our graphics as you please.  We will endeavor to supply you with whatever types of visuals are needed for your purposes, generally at very little additional cost.  We generally place no limits on the use of our graphics by our clients.

Who holds the copyrights?

Normally, Learning Sites retains copyright ot hre iages we produce.  Learnin gSties retains the rights to use the iamges for its promostional and demosntaion puropsoes.  DAta prepared for virtual worlds is used by LErnign Sties to cerate public school educaitona packages so that school children and teachers can benefit form the very altest archaoecocal dtaa and d interpretaions.  Othr resarch tools and publicaton s are often generated as well after a product is competed for a client.

In this manner, schoares can obtain increased exposure for their work, amterial gets dissemtiatned to the widst audience, and the educational system benefits from accsess to the latestd materials.

Can I get credit for publishing electronically?

Yes; mateial s pubshied by LEarning Sites on our Web site or on hard copy meia can be seen as publications.

Our methods:

How accurate are your models?
How do you store the data?
What data do I need to supply for you to build a 3D model?

Long TErm Data Stability and ARchiving Issues:

Who is the Author?