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page updated July 8, 2011

What projects have you done?

LEARNING SITES has over the years become the leader in accurate, detailed, high-resolution visualizations of the ancient world.  Our expertise in archaeology, architecture, art history, and information management offers a unique combination of strengths that, when combined with our staff's depth in programming, computer graphics, and 3D modeling, provide peerless qualifications. 

Responding to specific client requests, LEARNING SITES has produced high-resolution 2D renderings, animations, and interactive virtual worlds for schools, museums, and archaeologists around the world.  Among our clients are: the Dallas Museum of Art, the Denver Art Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, the History Channel, National Geographic, the Ministry of Education, Republic of Egypt, the Hood Museum of Art, the Dalton School, Williams College Museum of Art, the Soprintendenza per i BB.CC.AA. di Catania, Assessorato BB.CC.AA., Regione Siciliana, and scholars from, for example, Bryn Mawr College, the University at Buffalo SUNY, Southern Methodist University, University of Puget Sound, Harvard University, and the University of Wisconsin.

We invite you to see the result of these efforts.  Simply click on the project mode of your choice from the menu options at the left of the main screen.

Do I need special hardware to view your virtual ancient worlds?

No.  The only equipment you need to view our VRML 2.0-complaint virtual ancient worlds is a computer of the proper specifications.  We do develop custom-designed virtual worlds that take advantage of special display hardware, such as rear-projection screens, individual stereo viewing units, or headsets (HMDs).  We have expertise in programming for various motion tracking devices that translate a viewer's movement into simulated movement in the virtual world.  We work closely with our clients to develop the best combination of hardware and software for each situation.

Occasionally, LEARNING SITES does work with outside hardware vendors, for example, to install one of our worlds into a museum display kiosk or special boom-mounted virtual reality viewer.  In those cases, hardware specifications are provided by our third-party vendors.

Do you do only VR? 

NoLEARNING SITES can output visualizations in many formats, including high-resolution 2D renderings and animated flyovers with sound and narration.  We will also offer raster-to-vector conversions, high-resolution flat-bed scanning, digital photography assistance, and a host of other services. Virtual ancient worlds are but one solution we offer.  All our work is custom-designed to suit our clients' short- and long-term goals.

Our solutions can be delivered also in Flash, QTVR, and other interactive formats, should true virtual reality not be suited to your needs.

Do you design Websites? 

LEARNING SITES has the expertise and experience to design Websites as part of a package of services suited to a client's needs.  We do not, however, seek contracts for Web design alone.
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