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page updated July 8, 2011

What are the technical specifications for using your educational software?

LEARNING SITES VRML 2.0-compliant educational software does not require any additional equipment to view our packages beyond fairly normal computer hardware and software.  We use a Web browser for our user interface, since it can seamlessly integrate text, sound, 2D graphics, and virtual reality.

We also offer packages utilizing Flash, QTVR, and other interactive formats, should true virtual reality not be suitable for your needs.

If I purchase your software, how many machines can I use it on?

LEARNING SITES beta (field test) software can be installed on as many machines as suit your needs--over a network, in a computer lab, or projected to several classrooms. 

The commercial version of our educational packages must be purchased in specific sets for the number of computer stations that the software will be mounted on and used.  Prices vary depending on the number and type of installations.

For what grade levels do you offer materials? 

LEARNING SITES educational packages are geared to learners in grade 6 and above.  We are developing packages now that will be targeted specifically at college-level audiences and also for advanced learnings as early as grade 3.  No matter what grade level you teach, be assured that the same high-quality virtual worlds and 2D images appear in all packages; only the text-based content changes for the appropriate students.

 How can I obtain your software for my school?

Just email us at the address along the bottom of the screen. Please provide your title, name of the course(s) for which you think our software might be appropriate, whether you have read and met the technical specs, and whether you have experience with virtual reality as teaching tool.  Also, please indicate whether or not you would be willing to become one of our field-test sites for future educational packages.

We also custom build teaching packages for specific teachers, specific state curriculum guidelines, and specific content needs; these need not use virtual reality, if you do not wish to use that technology.

Contact us with your classroom needs and we will devise a package appropriate to those goals.

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