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page updated December 28, 2007
NB: As of December 2007, Learning Sites has suspended the sale of its educational and research packages, while it expands its digital library; so, the items listed below are no longer stocked. In the meantime, Learning Sites has licensed much of its content to the Institute for the Visualization of History, where high-resolution renderings, virtual worlds, QTVR panoramas, and animations may be purchased for educational use (click on the Products button).

We will post a notice here when new Learning Sites packages are again available. Thank you for your interest in our reconstructions.

  • Catalogue #LSI-VB3: The Vari House -- A public school educational package (suggested for Grades 6-12) based on real excavation data from the Hellenistic farmhouse at Vari, Attica, Greece.  This package includes several virtual reality re-creations showing the farmhouse as it was excavated and how it might have been reconstructed (some sections of this package are available for previewing on our Website--follow the links to the Vari House).  The package includes the virtual worlds, linked text and 2D graphics files, a Teacher's Lesson Plan Manual and Student Workbooks.  There is a modest license fee of $20US per school, payable in advance; and the material can be fully downloaded from our Web site.
  • Catalogue #LSI-AGTC1299: Ancient Greece: Town & Country -- A beta version (currently 2.5) of the successor to the Vari House educational package that presents both a townhouse from the Hellenistic settlement of Olynthus, Greece, and the Vari farmhouse.  This is a vastly expanded package (suggested for Grades 6 through introductory college courses), with new sections on ancient Greek town planning, religion, education, and politics, as well as a section on contemporary events elsewhere around the world.  Again, virtual reconstructions are the venue for the students to seek answers to questions and problem-solving tasks.  The Teacher's Manual and lesson plans are still under development (they will be availalbe in a month or so and are free to purchasers of the package) .  The beta version is available on CD only; license fee: $30US.  To order please download, fill out, and mail back an Order Form. 



    The full commercial version of Ancient Greece: Town & Country is scheduled to be developed in the coming months.

  • Catalogue #LSI-GB3001299: Gebel Barkal: The Temple of Mut -- Beta software based on the latest excavation and research data from the ancient Nubian site of Gebel Barkal.  Focuses on recent studies of The Temple of Mut at the site and includes: a detailed flyover of the entire site; a virtual reality re-creation of the temple; and links to recent photographs of the remains, to copies of 19th-century travelers' drawings of the remains, and to descriptions of the temple's meaning and hieroglyphic wall decorations.  This is a beta version of an upcoming scholarly research tool based on the site.  Available on CD only; license fee: $30US.  To order please download, fill out, and mail back an Order Form. 
  • New research software is under development based on recent analysis and interactive 3D models of the Northwest Palace of Ashur-nasir-pal II, Nimrud, Assyria.
All Learning Sites CD-ROM packages also contain additional virtual reality models, animations, high-resolution renderings, and descriptions of other current Learning Sites projects.
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