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Seyitömer Höyük

Kütahya, Turkey

Middle Bronze Age

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At Seyitömer, Middle Bronze Age walls, floors, and artifacts were encountered along the southwest and north slopes of the mound.

One house especially caught our attention (it measures c.10x10m).

CAD plan of Middle Bronze Age house (click to enlarge).

Photo of the house (2009; click to enlarge).

To test a more rapid method of creating virtual reality re-creations of the existing remains, we used several overlapping photographs imported into a photomodeling program. The results were then exported to VRML for easy Web viewing and real-time navigating.

If you have a VRML viewer installed on your computer, the house model will appear below, and you may view and walk through this house in real time, using our resulting virtual reality model of the building.

If you do not see the house, please be sure you have the proper hardware and software to view our virtual worlds.


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