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The  Citadel  at  Nimrud/Kalhu

Assyria (Iraq)

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page updated February 5, 2004

This page is the Homepage and Index for the data being accumulated by LEARNING SITES in preparation for comprehensive interactive reports on the structures (palaces, temples, ziggurat, gates, palatial buildings, and houses of officials) on the citadel at Nimrud/Kalhu, Assyria (Iraq).
Remains of earlier strata were discovered below the buildings marked here with an '*'.


Major buildings were used in one way or another until the end of the Assyrian Empire, some into the Neo Babylonian and/or Persian periods; and there was a Hellenistic settlement on the citadel. 

The Citadel in General
Citadel Homepage

Northwest Palace of Ashur-nasir-pal II 
Palace of Adad-nerari III (with the "Upper Chambers")*
Central Palace of Tiglath-pileser III*
Central Palace Homepage
Description and Analyses Bibliography
Photographs Drawings
3D Computer Models Computer Renderings
Southwest Palace of Esarhaddon*
The Ziggurat of the Ninurta Temple complex  (Ashurnasirpal and Shalmaneser III)
The Temple of Ninurta (and Enlil) of Ashurnasirpal
The Ishtar Kidmuri Temple of Ashurnasirpal
The Sharrat Niphi Temple (Ishtar) of Ashurnasirpal 
The Temple of Nabu and the EZIDA of Ashurnasirpal (rebuilt by Adad-nerari)
The "Center Building of Ashurnasirpal" ?
The East Gate, the "Shalmaneser Gate"
The South Gate, Rassam's postern gate (as found: Esarhaddon?)
The "Burnt Palace" of Ashurnasirpal II* (rebuilt by Adad-nerari)
The "Governor's Palace" (Shalmaneser or Adad-nerari)
The 1950 Building (?)*
The six "Town Wall Houses"

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