3D Computer Models of Nemrud Dagi
LEARNING SITES latest version is a detailed 3D computer model of the sanctuary of Antiochus and its environs.  This model of the entire site was originally used (in 2001) by Ekip Film, Ltd., a Turkish documentary film company, in their television movie about the site, its excavation, and the travails of King Antiochus against the Romans (entitled Mount Nemrud: the throne of the gods).  Visuals from that model were also incorporated (in 2001) into the History Channel's documentary about the discovery, excavation, and publication of the site (entitled The Hidden Tomb of Antiochus). The model has since (2011) been updated so that new renderings and animations from it could be included in a new History Channel show to debut during the late summer of 2011 (stay tuned here for more information as it is released). The model continues to receive improvements and updates for use paper publications, online media, and TV productions.

In 2006, supplemental visualizations from this model were included in Lubell's award-winning Queen of the Mountain documentary.

Our first virtual reality model of the site ran on high-end graphics workstations and was developed to demonstrate the advantages of linking virtual worlds to text, 2D image, and narration databases for educational and self-guided research purposes.  That version used head-mounted displays (HMDs) to provide an immersive near first-hand experience of walking up to and around the site.

An interim process model (some views of which are mounted on this page) of ours used photomodeling technology to build 3D models from excavation photographs without the need to revisit the monument.  This is a long-term R&D project.