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3D Artifact Models

 Celt (inv. #713-8-2) Shown here are sample screen grabs from the 3D virtual model of the celt, as well as a drawing and an object photograph for comparison.  All the images are preliminary for comment only and do not represent a final version of the model or of the comparative material.  The virtual model is available for detailed examination for those with the appropriate software.
celtdrawing (23k) NVAP drawing (unnumbered)
celt photograph (52k) NVAP photograph #A597-31
celt virtual model, side view (45k)
Sample screen grab from the Learning Sites virtual model
celt virtual model screen grab (67k) Sample screen grab from the Learning Sites virtual model
If your computer has the CosmoTM VRML viewer version 2.01 (or higher) loaded as a Web browser plug-in (it comes bundled with Netscape Communicator Pro version 4.05 or higher), then you may view the celt as a virtual artifact.  To obtain the Cosmo viewer latest version, download it from
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