Welcome to our Excavation Simulation Game

ddddddd We hope you will enjoy playing this game developed by Learning Sites for the digNubia project--exploring the science of archaeology in ancient Nubia through traveling exhibits, online interactives, and teaching materials.

Archaeologists face many challenges when they excavate a site. Before even reaching the site, a lot of time goes into planning the dig. Archaeologists must determine which tools to bring along for the job and which experts to hire to help interpret any artifacts that are found. Once at the digsite, occasional and random events, such as sandstorms, can cause unforeseen problems and slow down an excavation.

In this game, you are the archaeologist. You will be excavating a real site.

You decide what tools to buy, which experts to hire, and how to dig. But be careful! You only have a limited amount of time and money, so choose what you're going to do wisely. Your goal is to figure out how the site you are excavating was used.

Good luck!!