Contributing evidence from elsewhere on the citadel:
  • Spaces in the Northwest Palace have the following patterns--Rooms I and L are paved with terracotta tiles measuring 46 x 46cm, partly inscribed; Room WG is paved with terracotta tiles measuring 40 x 50cm;
  • Open courtyard Y in the Northwest Palace is paved with terracotta tiles 42 x 42cm square, without inscriptions;
  • The rooms in the North Area here, in the Ashur-nasir-pal II building have the larger tiles 46 x 46cm square, with inscriptions;
  • The tiles of the pavement in this West Area are of the small size, measuring 42 x 42cm, without inscriptions
  • The pavement tiles found in West Area II are also small, measuring 34 x 34cm square, and are uninscribed.
Thus, we tentatively suggest that inscribed tiles of large size were used particularly for interiors, while uninscribed smaller tiles were used in exterior spaces.