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Acropolis -- Athens, Greece

The Parthenon

 page updated April 29, 2003
The Problem LEARNING SITES was called upon (in 2003) to expand substantially upon our earlier simple massing model of the major 5th-century elements of the Acropolis.  The goal was to create a flyover of the site, with added details and structures, for a television program focusing on the history of the site, especially the Parthenon.  The time was short, so not all of the buildings or architectural minutae could be added; most of our attention was put on the Parthenon.
The Solution
  • For this project (based on our research sources), we added the following features to the existing model:
    • Temple of Athena Nike
    • terrain along the sides of the Acropolis hill
    • sculptural details to the Parthenon
    • color to the entablature of the Parthenon
    • statue of Athena Parthenos
    Acropolis, view toward the SE
    Acropolis, view toward the SE.
    Parthenon, west facade
    Parthenon, west facade.
    Parthenon, east facade
    Parthenon, east facade.
    The addition of details to the exterior and interior of the Parthenon could not have progressed without the gracious assistance from the Nashville Parthenon Museum who generously allowed us to use copies of images of their Parthenon replica as the basis for some of our model.


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